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Radiant Heating

RadiantecRadiant heating systems emit energy from heat sources in the floors, walls, or overhead panels, which then warms the people and objects in the room, rather than directly heating the air.  Radiant heating is more energy efficient than conventional heating because the air temperature is lower while achieving the same level of body comfort.  Radiant energy is also cleaner and healthier, as it does not blow dirt, dust, pollen, and bacteria around the house.  The systems are unobtrusive and child friendly as there are no radiators or hot surfaces to touch or interfere with furniture placement or interior design.

Masonry Heating

Temp-Cast Masonry HeatersMasonry heating systems radiate energy, heat that is created by a short, hot fire and stored in the masonry mass, to the space slowly and evenly for many hours.  Masonry stoves heat by warming solid objects, such as walls, floors, furniture, and people, instead of directly heating the air.  Unlike traditional wood heating systems, the heating cycle is very even and produces an "all over" warmth.  The use of a masonry stove is a reliable, safe, durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and efficient heating system.

Solar Heating

Thermomax IndustriesSolar Energy Systems are efficient and environmentally friendly heating sytems.  The solar thermal collectors can efficiently absorb and diffuse solar radiation even in cloudy conditions and are virtually unaffected by wind or the outside temperature.  The thermal collectors can be mounted in any location that has exposure to the sun and can be used effectively in northern climates or at high altitudes.  Solar energy can also be easily integrated with existing energy methods.


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